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So I got a table at Sugoicon again this year. I am so excited to have a table there again.

Trying to get a table at Ohayocon but they have yet to open Registration yet. I have been checking the forms constantly. I really want a table there because it was my first con and my favorite.

Batman and Joker will be going up on ebay later this week. Keep an eye out for the link to there auctions on this journal.

Customs For Sale
Ifrit- 75
Poor Poor Ifrit still doesn't have a home yet V_V. If hes not sold soon I will be trying him up on ebay again and hope the winning bidder pays this time.

Commissions are still closed for now as I work on some personal pony projects. I plan on opening them back in August sometime. I do have a waiting list if anyone would like to be on it.

Anyone who has messaged me in the past two months about commissions and I haven't replied please message again. I was super super busy the last 2 months with moving and two conventions that I couldn't get to all the messages about commissions. Sorry to anyone who thought I was rude in not replying that wasn't my intention.

G1 Baby
Simple rehair, symbol and little sculpting- 10.00- 15.00
Complex sculpting- 20.00- 40.00

Simple rehair, symbol and little sculpting- 20.00 to 35.00
Complex sculpting- 50.00 to 150.00 (maybe more depending on the complexity.)

Styling Ponies
Simple rehair, symbol and little sculpting- 50.00- 100.00
Complex Sculpting- 100.00- 200.00

I Accept Paypal
Money Orders
Money sent in a very well concealed envelope (At Your Own Risk)

To get more specific prices you can note me here on DA or *points down* Email me or message me on MSN :)

As I always say Challenge me. I really enjoy it. Even the craziest idea for a pony I will do  ^_^

Commissions I have at the moment

1. Buck Beak- Harry Potter (Finished)
2. Hild- Ah My Goddess (Finished)
3. Shiva- Final Fantasy X (Finished)
4. Rain a persona pony (Finished)
5. Ephona- Legends Of Zelda (Finished)
6. Betrix- Final Fantasy IX (Finished)
7. Godzilla (Finished)
8. Chopper Pony, yes a motorcycle pony (Finished)
9. Brooklyn-Gargoyles (In Progress)
10. Styling Surprise (Finished)

Waiting List
1. Kalas- Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings And The Lost Ocean
2. Elit One- Transformers
3. 4 baby Harajuku ponies

Due to a payment problem with one of my commissions I have been forced to take some kind of payment up front for all my commissions.
I am willing to be very flexible on payment plans for my customs.
Commissions will be made in the order that payment is received.

Need To Contact me with Questions or Quotes.
MSN Messenger-


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  • Playing: Final Fantasy VII (Again lol)
draloreshimare Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha. Sugoicon for the win. I'll visit, yeah?

(Also, why must you make awesome ponies? Do not need to be in this fandom again!)
KatarniaHolbart Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2008
I saw your Batman and Joker ponies. They look wickedly cool. Eventully I'll scrounge up the money to see the movie myself.
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Submitted on
August 11, 2008